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Creating climate wealth with real returns while scaling ‘Net Zero Carbon Footprint’ technologies.

About Clean Feet Investors I, LLC

Solar P.V. units at Crossroads College Prep School, St. Louis, MO CFI seeks to provide significant returns from socially responsible investments in small to medium-sized renewable energy and energy conserving projects.

By employing effective investment structures for sophisticated investors, CFI is helping to fill the current void in “non-dilutive” capital for an industry segment that is both very attractive and critical for an effective overall energy policy.

In our humble opinion, this represents the epitome of Doing Well by Doing Good!

The CFI Team is comprised of leaders and innovators in the alternative energy sector who have decades of experience in entrepreneurial management, investment syndications, and renewable energy. 

Entrepreneurial Project Partners:


BrightFarms is a company that designs, builds, and manages energy efficient hydroponic greenhouses that supply fresh produce to nearby supermarket retailers throughout the U.S. (photo to the right is of the Bright Farms hydroponic greenhouse in Yardly, PA).

GreanGrid Solar

GreanGrid Solar is a solar leasing company operating renewable solar photovoltaic projects in Missouri. (Top photo shows solar P.V. units at Crossroads College Prep School, St. Louis, MO).

Mosaic Power

Mosaic Power developed a Water Heater Efficiency Network that is installed with no cost to the building owner and generates new revenue for each connected property. Currently, affordable housing installations comprise the bulk of their operations in the Mid-Atlantic grid.


Nextility is an innovative and technology driven company specializing in solar thermal/hot water and data monitoring projects. (Photo at right shows solar thermal units at American University, Washington, D.C.)


SolSystems is a Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) aggregation provider, delivering creative SREC trading solutions to over 2000 customers and energy suppliers touching all parts of the industry.


Stem, Inc.is a leading provider of energy optimization services, combining big data, predictive analytics, and energy storage to reduce electricity costs for businesses. Stem is funded by a consortium of leading investors including GE and Iberdrola. (Photo on right shows a Stem battery which stores energy and monitors a building’s energy consumption to react to reduce energy costs).

Socially Responsible Investment

Fighting the War on Carbon

CFI investments are with entrepreneurial companies that are proponents of clean sustainable and more efficient energy usage thus replacing energy from fossil fuels, the source of carbon emissions that are accelerating global climate change.

Critical Funding Need

There is a high demand for conventional financing sources for entrepreneurs developing renewable energy projects in the low to mid-capital size range. CFI is working to help fill the void in financing for an industry segment critical for an effective overall energy policy with a unique "non-dilutive" alternative.

Impact Investing Opportunity

This industry segment critically needs long term funding mechanisms developed. At the same time, these investments should create green jobs and economic growth while helping to reduce the dependence on foreign oil. CFI has the potential to create "game changing" implications for certain niche applications. The greater the diversity of technologies CFI supports, the greater the opportunity to achieve true impact investing results.

Clean Feet Investors I, LLC is managed by Zahren Financial Company, LLC

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