Current Offerings

Cleaner Footprint. Better Planet.

Clean Feet Investors II, LP

  • CFI II was formed in 2020 as a follow-on fund to continue and enhance the mission of Clean Feet Investors I, LLC.
  • Structured like CFI I with unique tax, legal and economic structures targeting consistent quarterly cash flow returns from sustainable operating assets.
  • One major difference from CFI I is that Management intends to reinvest a future amount of early returns back into our projects to enhance potential upside returns.
  • CFI II has already closed on several project investments with two different utility scale solar PV development companies and an energy optimization firm.
  • Management has adapted the United Nations 17 Sustainable Principles into our overall scope when evaluating investments.

ZFC Capital Partners II, LP

  • ZFC II is a traditional pure venture capital offering in MOVIA Robotics, Inc., a robotic assisted software company focusing on children with autism.
  • CFI I provided MOVIA with $500,000 in debt financing over a term of five years to assist their expansion efforts in 2020.
  • MOVIA has seen significant growth in their home sales as more parents and therapists are looking for alternative learning tools due to Covid-19.
  • ZFC II is proud to be leading MOVIA’s Series Seed Preferred stock equity raise with an offering of $5 million.

Historical Offerings

Clean Feet Investors I, LLC

  • Since 2010 CFI I has been providing investors with consistent quarterly cash flow returns at double-digit annualized rates from the direct ownership of ESG operating assets.
  • CFI I supports entrepreneurial partners in renewable/sustainable practice sectors by providing “non-dilutive” capital to fund ESG operating assets.
  • Designed with unique tax, legal and economic structures intended to achieve a “risk adjusted” after-tax return.
  • CFI I raised $25 million and has grown the portfolio of operating assets to $45 million through creative and diligent management and reinvestment of asset sales.
  • CFI I’s largest investment of $8,000,000 is in Stem, Inc, a smart battery storage company that a Special Purpose Vehicle (“SPV”) was created to install, own and operate battery systems.
  • An exit for the Stem investment and exercise of significant equity option has been executed as the merger closed in the second quarter of 2021.

ZFC Capital Partners I, LP

  • In 2018 ZFC raised $3.75 million as part of Stem, Inc’s Series D Preferred Stock round which ultimately raised $110 million.
  • Participants in Stem’s various rounds included RWE, Mitsui & Co, Iberdrola, Tamasek, GE Ventures, and the Ontario’s Teachers Pension Plan.
  • In December of 2020 Stem, Inc announced they were to be publicly listed via a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (“SPAC”) with Star Peak Energy Transition Corp (STPK). The merger has closed and Stem is now trading on the NYSE under the ticker (STEM).
  • Management is estimating a potentially significant upside for ZFC investors as well as for the CFI I investors.