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Cleaner Footprint. Better Planet.

Clean Feet Investors I, LLC

Clean Feet Investors I (CFI I) is a fund that was created in 2010 to provide access to environmentally responsible impact investments in small to medium-sized operating projects utilizing a structured credit strategy. 

The technologies we invest in are:

PROVEN: We only invest in companies who develop technologies that have been proven to combat climate change.

PROFITABLE: Every company we invest in is subject to our intense due diligence process to ensure their products will produce regular cash flows.

SUSTAINABLE: We only select companies who meet the criteria outlined in the UN17 Sustainability platform.

  • Founded in 2010 by Bernie Zahren, Jigar Shah, and Rajiv Pandya.
  • Provides investors with consistent, quarterly, cash flow returns.
  • Double-digit annualized rates from the direct ownership of operating assets.
  • Supports entrepreneurial partners in renewable/sustainable practice sectors by providing “non-dilutive” capital to fund impact operating assets.
  • Unique tax, legal and economic structures intended to achieve a “risk-adjusted” after-tax return.
  • Raised $25 million and grew portfolio of operating assets to $45 million through creative and diligent management and reinvestment of asset sales.
  • Invested $8,000,000 in Stem, Inc. (a smart battery storage company). Created a Special Purpose Vehicle (“SPV”) to install, own and operate battery systems.
  • An exit for the Stem investment and exercise of significant traded public stock has been executed as the merger closed in the second quarter of 2021.

CFI I Performance to Date:

Projected 3X Cash on Cash Return

Return on (1) $100,000 Investment (B Unit):

    2010-TODAY: 12% IRR
    $259,335 – $300,335
    2021-2027: 15.6-16.1% IRR
    + Additional $76,000-$117,000
    *Performance of CFI I does not
    guarantee performance of CFI II

ZFC Capital Partners I, LP (Stem, Inc.)

  • In 2018 ZFC raised an additional $3.75 million as part of Stem, Inc.’s Series D Preferred Stock round which ultimately raised $110 million.
  • Participants in Stem’s various rounds included RWE, Mitsui & Co, Iberdrola, Temasek, GE Ventures, and the Ontario’s Teachers Pension Plan.
  • In December of 2020 Stem, Inc announced they were to be publicly listed via a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (“SPAC”) with Star Peak Energy Transition Corp (STPK).
  • The merger closed in April 2021 and STEM is now a stand alone publicly traded company (trading on the NYSE as STEM).

An innovative company leading the industry in
developing and deploying artificial intelligence
(AI) powered energy storage controls. Their
proprietary power converters and battery
storage units have patented software to reduce
peak demand charges for various
commercial/industrial facilities. This is CFI I’s
largest and most successful investment.

ZFC Capital Partners II, LP (Movia Robotics, Inc.)

MOVIA is a collaborative robotics software company, born out of research started at the University of Connecticut under National Institutes for Health (NIH) grant.

MOVIA builds systems and software to help children on the Autism Spectrum learn and grow using robotic technology.

MOVIA’s Robo-Assisted Instruction (RAI) revolutionizes the way children with Autism learn by accelerating their trajectory.

1 in 57 Children between the ages of 3-17 are estimated to been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

MOVIA is targeting the School, Home, Hospital and Clinics are their addressable market with Schools and Homes as their most immediate market.

Autism treatment costs $265 billion per year; rising to $1 Trillion annually by 2025 with average annual costs per child that range from $30,000 to $200,000 per year.

Our Clean Feet Investors I, LLC Investments:

BrightFarms is a company that designs, builds, and manages energy efficient hydroponic greenhouses that supply fresh produce to nearby supermarket retailers throughout the U.S.


Stem, Inc. is a leading provider of energy optimization services, combining big data, predictive analytics, and energy storage to reduce electricity costs for businesses.  Stem is funded by a consortium of leading investors including GE and Iberdrola.  Their D Round in 2018 raised additional capital from among others Temasek and Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan.  A SPAC called Star Peak Energy Transition Corp purchased Stem. The merger has closed and is now traded on the NYSE under “STEM”.

Mosaic Power developed a Water Heater Efficiency Network that is installed with no cost to the building owner and generates new revenue for each connected property. Currently, affordable housing installations comprise the bulk of their operations in the Mid-Atlantic grid.

GreanGrid Solar is a solar leasing company operating renewable solar photovoltaic projects in Missouri.

SolSystems is a Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) aggregation provider, delivering creative SREC trading solutions to over 2000 customers and energy suppliers touching all parts of the country.

SolUnesco develops Solar Photovoltaic renewable energy projects and was founded in 2015.  SolUnesco has demonstrated expertise in coordinating a diverse group of stakeholders, including connecting rural landowners with new revenue opportunities through sustainable cost competitive generation.

MOVIA Robotics helps children with Autism and other special needs unlock their potential through our unique robotic assistive technology. MOVIA’s Robot Assisted Instruction (RAI) systems help children with Autism and other special needs remove barriers to learning, socializing, and adapting…both in school and at home.