Clean Feet Investors II, LP invests in Solar Green Development

Avon, CT, February 24, 2021

Clean Feet Investors II, L.P.

Clean Feet Investors II, L.P. (“CFI II”), a fund managed by Clean Feet Investors II, G.P., is pleased to announce it has added Solar Green Development, LLC out of North Carolina to its portfolio companies.

Solar Green Development is a solar project development company focused on developing utility scale solar projects in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and North Carolina. CFI II will be providing a project development loan for several solar projects in those states.

CFI II is very excited to announce their first closing with Solar Green Development and are actively seeking to partner with project developers with new investments in the renewable and sustainable sector.

About Solar Green Development, LLC

Solar Green Development, LLC is a renewable energy company specializing in the design and   development of utility scale solar and battery storage projects. Drawing on a broad base of project development, engineering experience, and an understanding of the unique regional requirements for permitting and utility interconnection, Solar Green is able to optimize the power production and value of each project. Founded in 2008, Solar Green Development, LLC currently has a development portfolio of over 350 Megawatts of solar and storage projects located in PJM territory.

About Clean Feet Investors, II, L.P.

Clean Feet Investors II, L.P. is managed by Clean Feet Investors II, G.P., and was formed in 2019 to continue providing consistent returns from renewable and clean teach investments in small to medium size deals. Like CFI I, CFI II provides unique and effective investment structures for qualified and accredited investors seeking regular cash flow returns that are uncorrelated to the broad market. Achieved by deploying capital into real operating asset renewable and sustainable investment deals.

For additional information please contact:

Solar Green Development, LLC  

Contact: Praether Cooper @ 704-619-0519 or email

Zahren Financial Co, LLC

Contact: Margot Carpenter @ 860-777-1660 or email