Clean Feet Investors I, LLC Expands Investment Portfolio into Collaborative Robotics for Children with Special Needs

Avon, CT, October 6, 2020

Clean Feet Investors I, LLC (“CFI”), a fund managed by Zahren Financial Co, LLC (“ZFC”), is pleased to announce it has added Movia Robotics, Inc. of Bristol, Connecticut to its portfolio companies. Movia Robotics is a collaborative robotics company building systems and software to help people and robots work together.

Movia’s Robot-Assisted Instruction (RAI) System provides immediate, positive, and lasting impact on the lives of those affected by autism. Movia was selected by the U.S. Department of Defense over many competitors to provide its RAI to military base schools around the globe and local Connecticut schools. As CFI expands its investment mission into the United Nations 17 Sustainable Principles, Movia is a great opportunity to enhance the sustainability of education. Movia has a turnkey solution using robotics to lead children through educational and fun activities. Their process is a simple, consistent lesson delivery with curriculum developed by teachers in association with therapists and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) professionals.

Bernie Zahren, CEO of ZFC stated, “The CFI I management team is proud to expand the overall mission of “Doing Well by Doing Good” by diversification into this groundbreaking Movia technology.”

Jean-Pierre Bolat, CEO of Movia, shared in Mr. Zahren’s enthusiasm and added, “Movia Robotics appreciates the tremendous support and partnership with CFI I. We feel honored to be one of CFI’s portfolio companies and we certainly look forward to working with CFI to grow our mission to improve the lives of our children with special needs.”

About Clean Feet Investors I, LLC
Clean Feet Investors I, LLC invests in proven sustainable and renewable energy technologies in North America. To date approximately $30,000,000 of capital from qualified accredited investors and reinvestment of several asset sales has been placed in operating assets by ZFC with eleven different partner companies. CFI I was closed in 2016 and has made regular quarterly cash distributions to investors for 38 consecutive CFI quarters at annualized double-digit rates of return since January 2011. A new investment fund, Clean Feet II, LP has completed the first investor closing. Qualified investors interested in this private placement offering should contact

About Movia Robotics, Inc.
Movia Robotics builds systems to help children with special needs and special abilities to learn and grow using robotic technology. Movia has one of the most innovative approaches in educating children with autism to form connections inside the world we live in today and to have a better quality of life. This technology enhances communication, social interactions and executive functions which helps families with autistic children.

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For additional information please contact:

Movia Robotics, Inc. Contact Jean-Pierre Bolat @ 860-256-4797 or email

Zahren Financial Co, LLC Contact Margot Carpenter @ 860-777-1660 or email