ZFC Capital Partners II, LP Announces Venture Capital Offering and First Closing with MOVIA Robotics, Inc.

Avon, CT, April 5, 2021

ZFC Capital Partners II, L.P. (“ZFC II”), a fund managed by Clean Feet Investors II GP, LLC (“CFI II, GP”), is pleased to announce its first closing in the $5 million Series Seed Preferred Stock round of funding with MOVIA Robotics, Inc. of Bristol, Connecticut. MOVIA is a collaborative robotics company building systems and software to help children with autism and robots to work together. 

MOVIA’s Robot-Assisted Instruction (RAI) System provides immediate, positive, and lasting impact on the lives of those affected by autism.  MOVIA has a turnkey solution and one of the most innovative approaches in educating children with autism by using robotics to lead children through learning readiness, daily living, social-emotional, educational and fun activities. Their process is a simple, consistent lesson delivery with curriculum developed by teachers in association with therapists and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) professionals. This technology enhances communication, social interactions and executive brain functions which helps families with children on the autism spectrum.

MOVIA’s Robot-agnostic approach allows them to leverage “best of breed” robots without investing in hardware development or robotic hardware technology.

Bernie Zahren, Manager of ZFC II stated: “We’re excited to offer our investors the seed round for MOVIA Robotics. We have been impressed by what the team has accomplished in both the short time and during Covid-19 and look forward to supporting their vision”.  

Jean-Pierre Bolat, CEO of MOVIA, stated: “MOVIA Robotics is incredibly excited to grow its partnership with the ZFC family.  With their support, we are now expanding our reach and bringing our solutions to many more deserving children and families, bridging the digital and educational equity gap.  We are honored to be a ZFC II portfolio company, and we truly look forward to advancing our mission with ZFC to improve the lives of those with special needs.”  

About ZFC Capital Partners II, L.P. 

ZFC Capital Partners II, LP was formed solely for the purchase of the Series Seed Preferred Stock of MOVIA Robotics.  This new endeavor aligns very well with the Zahren Family of Funds expanding mission to cover the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals with, in this case, a focus on Quality Education, Good Health and Well-Being along with Climate Action and Sustainable Cities/ Communities.  This follows the success of ZFC Capital Partners I, L.P (“ZFC I”) which was formed in 2018 to invest in the Series D Preferred Stock round of Stem, Inc, a market leader in AI driven clean energy storage systems. ZFC I raised $3.775 million which was part of a total raise over $120 Million for the D round.  This past December Stem, Inc announced a pending merger with a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (“SPAC”) under the name Star Peak Energy (STPK).  The transaction, which is expected to close in May, will result in Stem with a balance sheet of over $500 million of cash, and trading on the NYSE under the symbol of “STEM”.

About MOVIA Robotics, Inc.

Founded by internationally renowned scientist, researcher and entrepreneur Timothy Gifford, in partnership with the University of Connecticut, MOVIA Robotics is a collaborative robotics company building systems and software to help people and robots work together.  MOVIA’s Robot-Assisted Instruction (RAI) systems help children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other special needs unlock the potential to learn and grow through their unique robotic technology. MOVIA Robotics builds systems to help these children remove barriers to learning, socializing and adapting, while facilitating a positive learning environment at school and at home by dynamically leading them through activities using evidence-based prompting and instructional design. Backed by years of research and development, MOVIA’s RAI systems have been installed in schools, in clinics, and in the home. MOVIA’s educational content is written by educators and therapists, and aligns with the highest standards for special education curricula.

For additional information please contact:

MOVIA Robotics, Inc.  https://moviarobotics.com/ 

Contact Jean-Pierre Bolat @ 860-256-4797 or email jbolat@moviarobotics.com

Zahren Financial Co, LLC, www.cleanfeetinvestors.com

Contact Margot Carpenter @ 860-777-1660 or email margot@cleanfeetinvestors.com