Zahren Financial Co, LLC, the Manager of Clean Feet Investors I, LLC, Matches Investor Donations to the Partnership for Responsible Growth

Avon, CT, May 15, 2019

Zahren Financial Co, LLC (“ZFC”), the Manager of Clean Feet Investors I, LLC (“CFI”) announced that $20,000.00 was made in matching donations to the Partnership for Responsible Growth (“PRG”).  The Matching Investor Donation Program for Clean Feet Investors was a trial effort in 2017 to support one specific non-profit.  It was greatly successful and ZFC has expanded this program in 2018 to continue its efforts for the NGO community. These donations, made by ZFC from the Management Fees earned by running CFI, resulted from matching voluntary gifts to the above origination in late 2018 by a number of investors in the Clean Feet Investors I, LLC Fund and the D Round of Stem, Inc. stock. 

Bernie Zahren, CEO of ZFC, is a firm believer in the Partnership for Responsible Growth’s efforts and supports their commitment to save our planet for future generations.  He feels proud that CFI’s investors are giving back to create a positive impact in the fight against Climate Change.

About Clean Feet Investors, I, LLC

Clean Feet Investors I, LLC is managed by ZFC and was closed to new investors in 2016.  To date approximately $30,000,000 of capital, from qualified accredited investors and reinvestment of several asset sales, has been placed in operating assets by ZFC with eleven different partner companies.  ZFC has made regular quarterly cash distributions to investors who embrace the concept of “Doing Well by Doing Good” since the inception of the CFI offering in 2010. 

Partnership for Responsible Growth

It is time for policies that boost the economy, encourage domestic investment, and mitigate the risks of climate change. It is time for a price on carbon. Climate change is real and presents significant risks to economic growth and prosperity. The solution should be economy-wide and market based. A transparent price on emissions incentivizes low carbon consumer and business choices, accelerates the commercialization of low-carbon technologies — and is the most efficient way to fight climate change. 

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