Clean Feet Investors II, L.P. Invests in SYSO Technologies

Avon, CT, May 24, 2021

Clean Feet Investors II, L.P. (“CFI II”), a fund managed by Clean Feet Investors II, G.P., is pleased to announce it has added  SYSO Technologies of Cambridge, MA to its portfolio of companies.

SYSO Technologies is on a mission to be a global market leader in renewable asset operation & optimization. Since its founding in late 2019, SYSO has actively worked to remove all barriers to energy market entry for solar plus storage developers and long-term asset owners. With over 300 MWs of renewable assets under management – spread across ISO-NE, NYISO, PJM, and MISO – SYSO has quickly built a diverse portfolio of both behind-the-meter (BTM) and front-of-meter (FTM) projects.

CFI II is very excited to announce their first closing with SYSO Technologies and are actively seeking to partner with project developers and long-term asset owners building and/or acquiring new investments in renewable assets.

Chris Cook, a Manager at CFI II, states that “SYSO Technologies is a perfect addition to further diversify our portfolio of companies with their unique energy optimization platform. We feel SYSO is positioned to be a leader in this space as more and more renewable energy comes on-line and has to be managed and optimized with legacy renewable assets.”

CEO of SYSO Technologies, Chris Gosline, said “SYSO Technologies is thrilled to launch its partnership with Clean Feet Investors II, L.P. (CFI II). With CFI II’s support, we are now able to expand our team to both execute on our existing portfolio and continue to grow into both domestic and international markets. We are truly grateful to be a CFI II portfolio company and look forward to advancing our mission with CFI II to be a global market leader in renewable asset operation & optimization.”

About SYSO Technologies, L.L.C.

SYSO Technologies harnesses its AI-powered SYSO Technologies Platform (STP), coupled with the product-agnostic SYSO Technologies Server (STS), to efficiently control and manage PV, Wind, and Storage assets across North America’s largest capacity, reserves and regulation programs. In line with SYSO’s mission and commitment to the environment, SYSO is also a proud member of the 1% For the Planet global movement.

About Clean Feet Investors, II, L.P.

Clean Feet Investors II, L.P. is managed by Clean Feet Investors II, G.P., and was formed in 2019 to continue providing consistent returns from renewable and clean tech investments in small to medium size deals. Like CFI I, CFI II provides unique and effective investment structures for qualified and accredited investors seeking regular cash flow returns that are uncorrelated to the broad market. This is achieved by deploying capital into real operating assets in the renewable and sustainable investment sectors.

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SYSO Technologies, L.L.C.

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